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TV series by Microsoft and Yahoo

In the lucrative space of television series, they appear to be entering Microsoft and Yahoo, according to Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.


In particular, according to a Bloomberg report, Microsoft productions are expected to reach the public through the new Xbox TV studio in June.

As Bloomberg says, Mikrosoft's specific project involves big names such as Sarah Silvromann and Greene. The studio has six rows in the craft, including a science fiction called "Humans," about anthropomorphic robots-workers.

The article highlights the company's lack of experience and the strong presence of Netflix and Amazon in the field, but Micrsoft seems to be targeting series to attract consumers to Xbox and Xbox Live.

As far as Yahoo is concerned, according to a Wall Street Journal, it is close to an agreement to spin four web-series. According to the WSJ, it will be comic series of ten episodes, half an hour episode. The budget per episode will range between 700.000 and a few million dollars, according to sources cited by the article.

As noted, the projects under development will include screenwriters or directors with a lot of TV experience, as the company has high goals. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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