Capture 16 for pirate TV streaming service

One 16 was arrested by the police in France, because it was running a TV streaming service.

The ARTV website and related Android app offered free 176 channels to their guests: Canal +, M6, TF1 Group, France Télévision Group, Paramount, Disney and FOX. TV streaming

The teenager faces three years of imprisonment and a fine that can reach 300.000 euros.

France's ALPA anti-piracy team has been working with Bordeaux police to arrest the founder and manager of the pirated TV streaming ARTV service.

According to the authorities, the website appeared for the first time in April of 2017, but grew very fast. Each month the site had approximately 150.000 unique visitors and in less than eight months it gathered 800.000 registered users.

“ was a public website offering live access to 176 free and paid French TV channels that are members of ALPA: Canal + Group, M6 Group, TF1 Group, France Télévision Group, Paramount, Disney and FOX. It also transmitted many other theme and sports stations, ”said a statement from ALPA.

ALPA estimates that the site attributed approximately EUR 3.000 per month from advertising revenue, a decent amount for everyone, let alone the ARN manager who is just 16 years old.

“ARTV.WATCH is over. ARTV is now closed for legal reasons. Thanks for your understanding! The site was illegal, "says one notice on the site.

"Thank you all for the experience I gained from this project, and for everyone who believed in me."

The founder of ARTV also published a message for anyone else thinking about launching a similar platform.

“Announcement for anyone who wants to run a website of the same kind. On the criminal side, the sentence can be up to three years in prison and a fine of 300.000 euros. If individual complaints against channels (or productions) are filed against you, it is more complicated to determine, ”warns the owner of ARTV.

ALPA said that in addition to closing the site, the ARTV owner also turned off the Android app, which was available for download from Google Play.

For those who speak French, 16 has posted a video on YouTube:

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