Two-third-party authentication applications on Twitter

If you want to lock your account on your Twitter account, you can activate the 2FA authentication SMS or create a one-time login code.

But today, you can also use third-party authentication applications like Google Authenticator and Authy.Twitter

The company seems to have added support for third-party applications but has not yet announced it.

Let's see how you can set up the new security feature:

Install a two-factor authentication application such as Google Authenticator or Authy, and create your personal account on your phone (just follow the instructions given by the apps).
Connect to Twitter via your browser and go to Settings via the "Account".
Open the "Security" tab, and select the box that says "Login Verification" and enter the verification code that you will receive via SMS.
Then click the "Set up password application" button.

You will see the instructions along with a bar code. Start the 2FA application on your phone and use it to scan the bar code.
The Twitter account will be created in the 2FA application you selected and you will see a six-digit code together. The next time you try to sign in to Twitter, you will be asked to enter this code that changes every few seconds.

Apps work even if your phone is not connected to the Internet.

That's it. You no longer have to worry about hackers finding your Twitter password.

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