Twitter Blue and in Greece, blue beacons for $8 per month

Twitter's paid plan, Twitter Blue is now available in more than 20 new countries in Europe. Greece is among them.

Countries include the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Malta and Cyprus.

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This expansion makes the social network's subscription service available in more than 35 countries around the world. Under Elon Musk, Twitter Blue first launched in December at $8 per month with the blue verification badge for all paying users.

Later, the company introduced new features such as the ability to post 60-minute videos, 4.000-character tweets, and chat priority. Twitter Blue even includes some legacy features, such as a tweet editor, thread reader, and bookmark folders.

To increase subscribers, Twitter launched an annual plan at $84 per year earlier in January.

In the past few weeks, Twitter released its annual plan for iOS and Android priced at $114.

Although Musk relies on subscription packages to bring in more revenue, early results have not been encouraging. According to estimates and reports, the new Twitter Blue service has fewer than 300.000 subscribers. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Twitter Blue, Greece

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