Twitter Circle is now available for everyone

Twitter has announced that Twitter Circle is available to all users. The social network began testing the feature in May 2022 with a small group of users before rolling it out everywhere.

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What is Twitter Circle?
Twitter Circle allows you to create a group of users and share Tweets with them. Essentially, it is like a group on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram (close friends list).

But unlike normal groups, there are some restrictions. Messages and media you share in Circle can't be replayed by other users, even if they're members of the group. They can however reply to your Tweets and like them.

How to create a Twitter Circle and post to it
Click the button to write a Tweet. You will see the option to send your tweet to everyone along with arrows to expand more options.

Tap on it and select Twitter Circle. The Tweet you make will only go to your group.

But to define who will be in this group, press the arrow again and in the Twitter Circle option press “Edit”. Through the new window that will appear, declare the people who will participate in your group.

This new window that opens has two tabs. In the 2nd, which is labeled “Recommended” it shows a list of people it thinks you might want to add to your Twitter circle.

This includes the people you follow and your followers. Click the “Add” button next to a user's name to add them to your circle. You can use the search button at the top of the list to find other users to add to your circle, even if they don't follow you on Twitter.

The social network allows users to create only one cycle, you can choose to add up to 150 people to it. Twitter says it won't notify users when you add or remove them from your Twitter circle. If you want to leave a Twitter circle, you can mute, unfollow or block the creator of the list, or simply mute the conversation.

Twitter Circle is available on the web and in the official mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can find more information about the Twitter Circle at official support pages. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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