Twitter has shut down its free API and is breaking many apps

Twitter has shut down its free API and as expected many apps and websites can no longer connect.

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It wasn't unexpected as the company had previously said it would end access in early February. He didn't do it in February but this month, without even providing an updated timetable.

Last week the company announced new paid API tiers, and logically it looks like it's starting to cut off the thousands of developers who rely on its free tools.

Over the past couple of days, several app makers and other services have reported that the Twitter API is no longer working. For example, apps and websites that used the Twitter API to allow sharing of content to and from Twitter are now seeing this outage.

WordPress reported on Tuesday that it was no longer able to access the API, resulting in its sites not being able to automatically share posts to Twitter (The topic has already been corrected, according to the company).

All of these issues are further complicated by the fact that Twitter doesn't seem to have communicated with any of its developers about these changes or what they mean.

Most of the public relations employees left during the company's mass layoffs. And the company's forums are full of posts from confused developers looking for answers. The company no longer has a contact team and their email automatically replies with an emoji!. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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