Twitter may allow you to undo tweets if you pay for it

Twitter users have long been asking for the ability to edit their τους και ενώ η εταιρεία είχε υπαινιχθεί ότι πιθανόν να φέρει αυτήν την δυνατότητα, η τελευταία επίσημη στάση της εταιρείας είναι ότι η will not be implemented.

Recently, however, there have been rumors that he is coming to μια λειτουργία τύπου “ tweet". THE engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered such a feature. Specifically states that there is a subscription page associated with the "Undo tweet" function.

While all of this makes sense, given that we know Twitter is considering a subscription service, it's hard to say at the moment that this feature has some value as it seems to only allow a tweet to be undone in the timeline. of five seconds from sending it.

Indeed, the current undo function behaves like the function "Email undo" introduced by Google in Gmail in 2015, in the sense that it only adds a few seconds of delay before the tweet is actually sent. During this time, you can't see the tweet which means you can't detect possible type mistakes or other errors.

The Twitter officially confirmed today on CNET that the operation is in progress, but did not comment on whether it would require users to pay for it. It is possible that this capability is in the early stages of testing and the company has not yet made a specific decision.

It is also important to note that since the feature is in private testing, Twitter can further improve the user interface, and add more time duration to it. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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