Twitter: Encrypted DMs are coming

Twitter, which has been in turmoil since the fall when it was acquired by Elon Musk, is finding its footing again.

Η Mask intends to clear up inactive accounts, while the encrypted DMs are making their debut". He wrote: "Not can to see them DMs your with a gun to the head my.

As he said, η current version of the Twitter app allows to users to they send answers DM to any message into a a thread, not only in last one. And are permitted any reactions emoji.


Although all these, Twitter followers will soon be able to perform voiceovers and video calls to anyone on platform, using This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. name user of Twitter for to They do they The calls, that ο K. Mask to it can to "speaks with anyone anywhere in the world without gives phone number of. He pointed out that "you can do this".

Twitter Spaces allows already users to have a vocals talks using flows audio.

Αthese calls are public and available for group chats. However, the new functions vocal and video calls are intended for private conversations between subscribers of Twitter. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns


Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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