Twitter's Jack Dorsey receives threats for his life from ISIS

A publication allegedly written by supporters of ISIS threatens its co-founder Twitter Jack Dorsey, as well as all employees of the company, because accounts of the terrorist organization are often erased by the service, he says BuzzFeed.ISIS

The post was posted to JustPaste, has a photo of Dorsey with the insignia of his Islamic State and states: “your virtual war against us will cause a real war for you.

"You started this failed war. We told you from the beginning that it is not your war, but you did not understand it and you continue to close our Twitter accounts, while we return.

"When our lions [our men] come and cut you off, you will never go back to life."

Twitter terms explicitly prohibit users from posting "immediate, and specific threats of violence against others," so the company deletes posts featuring videos of the terrorist organization's actions and suspends their accounts as soon as possible.

It is not clear whether the publication was written actually written by ISIS, but Twitter is taking the threat seriously. A company spokesman told BuzzFeed, "Our security team is investigating the accuracy of these threats with law enforcement officials."

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