Twitter blue sign: why it should be free

The era of Elon Musk on Twitter has begun and it is… interesting. Between firing top Twitter executives, potentially laying off half the workforce, and canceling the Chirp developer conference, Elon Musk has another goal in his business plan: verification.

Specifically, Musk wants to pair the blue tick with a Twitter Blue subscription, making it a necessary component. In other words, Twitter could charge for verified accounts.

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But the verification check mark is much more problematic than you might think.

But let's start from the beginning. After Musk's announcement they did not agree to pay the sign. For example the author Stephen King and almost all CNN reporters. They all claim they won't pay for the blue verification check mark, because it's extra security.

The purpose of the blue verification check mark is to prove that the person or brand you are contacting is actually who you think they are. Twitter is full of fake accounts, fake accounts, and bot accounts. Sometimes they are accounts used for fun, but there are also times when they are used for malicious purposes. This happens all the time and Musk knows it.

If you don't know for sure who you are talking to, there can be no rational reason. If Musk wants a democratic Twitter where free speech reigns supreme, the best way he can do that is to make sure the people posting information are real.

Of course it's not Musk's fault that Twitter users turned the blue sign into some sort of status symbol. But it is his fault if he continues to perpetuate this myth.

It is very likely that someone will be found who is ready to pay the price that Musk will set (started at $20 and has gone to 8) in an attempt to create a fake account to make his scam a little more believable.
Until recently, verified users had to provide a driver's license or passport.

The fee may stop some low-level trolls from creating fake accounts, but not those who really want to do harm. No amount of money will be a deterrent. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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