Twitter with onion URL for the ban of Russia

Twitter is now accessible through the Tor network, allowing users in countries that have banned the social network to continue to access the site.

The new onion URL was announced today by security engineer Alec Muffett, who announced that Twitter is now accessible worldwide through the Tor browser.onion

To access Twitter via the Tor network, you can download the Tor Browser and open it at the following .onion URL


Using Tor, Twitter can be accessible even in countries where the government blocks access to the site.

The release of this project comes at a very good time as Russia began to isolate itself from the rest of the world.

So to prevent the free flow of information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia last week cut off access to Twitter, Facebook and many foreign news channels.

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Twitter is not the only one offering Tor .onion addresses. As you will see below there are other websites and news outlets that have Tor addresses:

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