A Twitter search trick that you do not know

The , is a popular for Twitter, which offers a very useful feature in searching the website. This feature helps you discover the most popular (viral) tweets for each search term very easily. The application offers the ability to search by levels. So you can easily set a “level” to search for say tweets that have been retweeted or favorited 'n' times.


This filter does not exist naturally on the Twitter website, nor does it fit the official application of the mobile service. Amazing! If not, they should have adopted it as it is really very practical.
Below we will introduce you a trick, so you can filter tweets on Twitter or through any Twitter app using an unsubstantiated search that Twitter probably does not want you to know.

But let's see how you can get results near your expectations:

In the Twitter search box, type any search term along with min_retweets: [number you want] or min_faves: [number you want] to filter your search results. For example, our search shows only the tweets that show the iguru.gr domain labnol.org that have been favored or retweeted at least 5 times.

iguru.gr min_retweets: 5 or iguru.gr min_faves: 5

You can add further search queries with search operators such as :news to show you tweets from sources or use filter:images only show only tweets that contain images.

Try it and good success!

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