Twitter end of an era. Elon Musk at the helm

Ο Elon Musk “πρόσθεσε το Twitter στην επιχειρηματική του αυτοκρατορία after months of legal wrangling" he says The Verge.

Musk's first move on Thursday was to oust Parag Agrawal, who was Twitter's last CEO as a public company. Chief financial officer Ned Segal and Vijaya Gadde, the company's chief policy officer, whom Musk had publicly criticized, are also reported to have left.

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Sean Edgett, the general counsel, also left, they mention the New York Times, adding that at least one of those executives was removed by company security. Chief Customer Officer Sarah Personette was also fired, he says the Insider.

Those executives received high compensation, Insider reports: Agrawal got $38,7 million, Segal $25,4 million, Gadde $12,5 million and Personette, who tweeted yesterday how excited she was about the purchase of Musk, got $11,2 million

Of course, there are still questions about what Musk plans to do with Twitter, although he has made several public comments.

Twitter is also facing many challenges to its stance on free speech in courts. Musk has proposed changing the way the company's moderation policy works, possibly loosening the regulations that permanently barred former President Donald Trump from the platform.

Although Musk has said that acquiring Twitter "isn't a way to make money," he reportedly has ideas for cutting costs and increasing revenue.

Governments and companies could be charged a "small fee" to use Twitter and there could be job cuts to improve the company's financial performance.

Musk had talked about using Twitter as an "X app for everything." It was a reference to the Chinese app WeChat, which started out as a messaging platform but has since grown to include many businesses, shopping, payments and games. "You're basically living in China's WeChat," Musk told Twitter employees in June.

"If we can recreate Twitter like this, we will be very successful." The Best Technology Site in Greece
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