Two years imprisonment for gamato info owner

Two years' imprisonment and a fine of EUR 5000 was imposed by the Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki on the alleged owner of the popular website.


29 was arrested in March of 2010, and the court turned the felony copyright infringement into a misdemeanor because it accepted that the user was a provider and was not the site administrator.

In February of 2010, an EPO spokesperson complained to the Attica online prosecution department saying that the website contains thousands of stored torrents that allow users to download them without permission and thus in March of 2010 they made control at 29's home and seized three hard drives. He had argued that he was not a manager. "I'm a simple user from 2006 and uploading files," he said in his apology.

The survey that followed showed that the administrators of this site are two siblings in the Netherlands.

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