Typhoon from Old Empire Motorcycles

Old Empire Motorcycles is a company based in Norfolk, England. The company maintains and rebuilds motorcycles. Below we will see Typhoon, a motorcycle that simply does not exist.


Old Empire Motorcycles usually takes on its customers' motorcycles and tailors them to their needs and according to their budget.
So when he makes motorcycles for a particular customer, he always works with restrictions. The Old Empire Motorcycles team at Typhoon's rebuilding had no limitations and limitations.

The L-twin engine of the motorcycle is from a Ducati 900SS Supersport. Everything else is not clear.

The attention to detail in this bike is excellent. Let's take the handlebars at the wheel, covered by a thin leather, and let's get to the amazing brake handle, along with the throttle wire that goes through a wheel that looks like a high-end bell bell.

The Old Empire Motorcycles team chose stylish brake discs, smooth tires, a superb copper spotlight and an impressive steering wheel that turns a retro motorcycle into a superbike.

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