Types of Followers through our pages

Many times I have wondered while reading them of the social pages of our page about the identity of the author.

Comments that make you wonder "what does the poet want to say" or "well why doesn't he read the article?" they appear constantly, however, showing us the roles we have in .followers

Before I begin to mention that the purpose of this post is not to offend anyone, but to show what we have observed for so many years, as administrators of several pages.

Of course it is not something you are unfamiliar with, the same profiles may exist in your friends.

To mention that in socials we decide what we want to show. Through setting up our profile, and our comments we respond to "who I am", and we are introduced non-verbally.

But we will not dwell on the psychoanalysis of the characters as much as on the description of the caricature.

Let's go:

The observers

There are subtleties so that we don't see them. They rarely share or knowledge and even more rarely they click like or comment.

They are everywhere and always like

Let the hens eat too. The joy of the page administrator

The bright omniscient

They comment and transfer their knowledge (right or wrong) without even reading the article.


Yes, they exist too. They comment many times to blame iGuRu.gr without mentioning that they belong to someone else . Someone needs to talk to them about doxxing.

The funny ones

They have a lot of fun expressed with gifs, pictures, videos and related tricks

I know but I like not to say much

There are those too but when they say something it is important and useful. Fortunately there are.

I do not know but I want to know

Honest comments that need help from everyone else.

Do you know who I am?


You have a baby in my village ;

What can the rest of us say?

The commentators of the title

They read the title and have an opinion without knowing what the article says. If we try to explain it scientifically they will probably have a developed sense of telepathy.

The challengers

Challenge is the beginning of every science, as long as it is accompanied by a counter-proposal.

Do you have to add another character? We will be glad to see him in the comments…

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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...


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    They are the ones who write and support what benefits them, regardless of whether it harms others or society as a whole.

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