Ubuntu 16.04.7, 18.04.5 security updates

The Ubuntu team announced the release of Ubuntu 16.04.7 and 18.04.5. These versions offer up-to-date installers with package fixes rather than completely new versions of the distribution.

New ISOs include fixes for the recent Boothole GRUB boot loader problem:

“As with point release 16.04.6, 16.04.7 is a security release designed to provide up-to-date installations that protect new installations from 2 vulnerabilities recently discovered in GRUB 2 vulnerabilities (USN-4432-1). ”

Detailed information on USN-4432-1 can be found here find here.

"The new ISO images for Update 18.04.5 is available for most community versions of Ubuntu, however only Ubuntu and Ubuntu Kylin have version 16.04.7 as this version is no longer covered by the three years of support most community versions offer.

More information can be found in the announcements of the new releases
16.04.7 and 18.04.5.


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