Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus final Beta

Canonical has released today, as expected, the final Beta of the upcoming Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus operating system, released on April 13 in all opt-in flavors, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, etc.

The Final Beta is the last step in the Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus development cycle, and it gives us a bit of an idea of ​​what to expect from the upcoming . Ubuntu 17.04

The Beta Freeze final stage came into effect on Monday, 20 March and will last until the final version, which means that what you will see in the final beta if you download it, is what will be released on April 13. No new features will be added, but there will definitely be improvements to existing ones.

As you may already know, Ubuntu 17.04 "Wears" the Linux kernel 4.10, in version 4.10.5.

This means that most of the graphics drivers included in the Linux 4.10 kernel have been improved. We should also mention that Ubuntu 17.04 comes with the newest Mesa 17,0 3D Graphics Library, and that Mesa 17.0.1 is already available in the final Beta.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu 17.04 Final Beta is still using the old version of X.Org Server 1.18.4 as a display server. We hope that Ubuntu developers will complete the tests and will be able to upgrade to the new X.Org Server 1,19 until the final version.

Another interesting change that we will see from this version is the use of a swap file instead of a swap partition when installing Ubuntu 17.04. Of course, this will not apply to users upgrading from Ubuntu 16.10. On the networking side, it looks like the default DNS resolver is now done through systemd.

If you use printers Ubuntu 17.04 final Beta supports many more drivers: Apple AirPrint and IPP όλα out-of-the-box. Μεταξύ των ενημερωμένων εφαρμογών είναι και οι: LibreOffice 5.3, QEMU 2.8, libvirt 2.5, DPDK 16.11.1, και OpenVPN 2.4, MPV, GIMP, το VirtualBox, Thunderbird, Firefox, Synaptic, κλπ. Για πρώτη φορά μετά από πολλά χρόνια, το GNOME stack έρχεται στην πιο πρόσφατη έκδοση, σε αυτή την περίπτωση είναι η GNOME 3.24.

If you want to try this version, you can download live ISO from the following links:
MD5SUMS 23-Mar-2017 19:54 280
MD5SUMS-metalink 23-Mar-2017 19:54 300
MD5SUMS-metalink.gpg 23-Mar-2017 19:54 933
MD5SUMS.gpg 23-Mar-2017 19:54 933
SHA1SUMS 23-Mar-2017 19:54 312
SHA1SUMS.gpg 23-Mar-2017 19:54 933
SHA256SUMS 23-Mar-2017 19:54 408
SHA256SUMS.gpg 23-Mar-2017 19:54 933
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-amd64.iso 21-Mar-2017 06:33 2G
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent 23-Mar-2017 19:50 61K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-amd64.iso.zsync 23-Mar-2017 19:50 3M
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-amd64.list 21-Mar-2017 06:33 6652
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-amd64.manifest 21-Mar-2017 06:27 70K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-amd64.metalink 23-Mar-2017 19:54 46K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-i386.iso 21-Mar-2017 06:36 2G
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-i386.iso.torrent 23-Mar-2017 19:51 61K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-i386.iso.zsync 23-Mar-2017 19:50 3M
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-i386.list 21-Mar-2017 06:36 6087
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-i386.manifest 21-Mar-2017 06:27 69K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-desktop-i386.metalink 23-Mar-2017 19:54 45K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-amd64.iso 21-Mar-2017 06:15 682M
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-amd64.iso.torrent 23-Mar-2017 19:53 27K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-amd64.iso.zsync 23-Mar-2017 19:53 1M
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-amd64.jigdo 23-Mar-2017 19:53 131K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-amd64.list 21-Mar-2017 06:15 96K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-amd64.metalink 23-Mar-2017 19:54 45K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-amd64.template 21-Mar-2017 06:15 108M
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-i386.iso 21-Mar-2017 06:18 678M
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-i386.iso.torrent 23-Mar-2017 19:54 27K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-i386.iso.zsync 23-Mar-2017 19:54 1M
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-i386.jigdo 23-Mar-2017 19:53 129K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-i386.list 21-Mar-2017 06:18 94K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-i386.metalink 23-Mar-2017 19:54 45K
ubuntu-17.04-beta2-server-i386.template 21-Mar-2017 06:18 71M

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