Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo the first and latest beta

The first public beta of Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo, the next major update for the popular Ubuntu operating system, is available for download.

Disco Dingo
Disco Dingo by SylviaRitter / digital Art

The release of the beta release, the only one planned in this development cycle, will allow distribution friends and developers to help with the latest update testing before the official release scheduled for next month.

For those who do not know the stable version of Ubuntu 19.04 is expected to be released on April 18.

Ubuntu 19.04 is an important update: ISO is bigger than usual in 2.1GB.
Of course there are new things to play, but anyone who has played with Ubuntu 18.10 will not find enormous differences.
The distribution comes with GNOME 3.32 and the latest version of Nautilus.

It has a new desktop icon extension that comes default by default to replace the Nautilus lost function, ie support for desktop icons.

Its updated apps include the latest Mozilla applications, Firefox, and Thunderbird. The new LibreOffice could not be reached. The beta version includes:
Ubuntu Linux Kernel 5.0, Mesa 19,0 available, update of Yaru icon set
and of course like every big update a new wallpaper.

Download the ISO you are interested in:




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