Ubuntu 19.10 released the first ISO tests

Immediately after the release of Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo, Canonical reportedly started the development cycle of the next version of Ubuntu 19.10, allowing testers and the first daring users to download new ISO images every day.

The operating Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo as mentioned above was released at the end last week, and Canonical development team is already developing the next version. The operating Ubuntu 19.10 does not yet have a code name, but we know that it will be an animal that will start with the letter E (the ISOs in the repositories use the name "Eoan").Ubuntu 19

Until Canonical decides to give Ubuntu 19.10 a code name, the first daredevils can download daily new ISO images available for Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server, in all official flavors such as Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE , Ubuntu Budgie and Ubuntu Kylin.

Of course, you should not expect much from these early releases, as they are based on the previous version, and in this case on Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo). So the new Ubuntu 19.10 ISOs run on Linux kernel 5.0 and the latest GNOME 3.32 interface.

Ubuntu 19.10 does not yet have a release schedule, but we know that Canonical will continue with the old system. This means that users will be able to try out only one beta throughout the development cycle, until the final version, which is expected to be released in October 2019.

Until then, we expect Canonical to initially reveal the code name of Ubuntu 19.10 and the new features of the upcoming operating system. One thing we do know is that Ubuntu 19.10 will be released with the upcoming GNOME 3.34 environment.

See the new ISO

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