Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla beta

Canonical has released Ubuntu 20.10 beta. Developers or anyone interested can download the new Ubuntu 20.10 beta to try out all of Groovy's proposed changes before the final firmware release later this month.

This is the only beta release planned for the Groovy development cycle, but if you install it, you can upgrade to the final version of Ubuntu 20.10 when it is released.

The new Ubuntu 20.10 uses GNOME 3.38. It is the latest stable version of the GNOME user interface and has many changes, such as the ability to rearrange application icons by manually dragging and dropping. Adds paging to application folders, and a restart option in the system main menu.

It is also possible to turn a laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot with network sharing via QR code. You can activate the battery percentage from the Settings app (no additional Tweaks required), and view upcoming calendar events in the messages below the calendar widget.

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This beta also carries the Linux 5.8 kernel. Among the improvements, Linux 5.8 has better support for AMD Renoir, adds connectivity for Thunderbolt 4 to ARM devices, and comes with new exFAT drivers.

Many of the application packages have been upgraded to Mozilla Firefox 81, Thunderbird 78 and the latest LibreOffice 7.0 point release.

Download ISO


Picture by Sylvia Ritter / DeviantArt

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