Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – Windows 11 : 81-8

In recent months, Windows 11 has been struggling to keep up with Linux in terms of performance.

The story was quite different in 2021 when Intel released the 12th generation Alder Lake processors based on the Performance Hybrid architecture consisting of “Big” E-cores and “Bigger” P-cores.

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Microsoft and Intel then collaborated to optimize Windows 11 for the new kind of architecture. So the Intel Core i9-12900K was found to perform much better on Windows 11 compared to Linux. The Linux kernel version 5.16 was not quite ready for the new architecture, and was easily defeated by Windows 11.

However, things are starting to change. The tests done in July found that Linux no longer lags behind Windows. The comparison was conducted using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and showed it to be close to Windows 11.

Using an Alder Lake Core i7-1280P CPU, Microsoft was ahead, although the performance gap had shrunk significantly. But things are changing as Linux kernel updates continue to improve performance on hybrid x86 processors like Alder Lake and subsequent Intel architectures.

And on AMD's side, where hybrid CPU designs are not yet complete, performance comparisons find that the gap between Windows 11 and Ubuntu is very small.

A few days ago, Phoronix did tests using an octa-core Ryzen 7 5800X3D, which is AMD's first processor released with 3D V-cache built-in.

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The results saddened Windows fans. In the 89 tests performed in total, Ubuntu 22.04.1 won in 81 or 91% of the tests. Windows 11 on the other hand won at 9% or 8 tests.

As you can see above, the biggest differences in performance are seen in the Renaissance benchmark Instance Metadata Service (IMDS) test. Next is DaCapo Tradesoap.

Interestingly, Ubuntu seems to have been about 10% faster on average, which is pretty impressive considering there were almost 90 tests run in this comparison.

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  1. linux is not played gentlemen – ok ..if you want to play games and not care about the machine you are keeping ok.
    Anyway, for the speed comparisons, the ubuntu they measured was probably not running on βtrfs (or something similar).
    For drivers there is everything - and especially for ubuntu they are ready as in windows.
    It needs familiarization and adaptation as with win and with any coke program

  2. Negligible things for the average user. this small performance difference is overcome by the enormous compatibility with devices, printers, etc. and the ease of use that Linux, no matter how much it kicks its ass, will never have. To install a graphics card driver or for your new network card to work, you must be a guru with at least 20 years of experience. Thanks, we won't take it.

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