Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu beta

Ο Brian Murray ανακοίνωσε τη διαθεσιμότητα της τελικής έκδοσης beta του Ubuntu 22.10, με την κωδική ονομασία “Kinetic Kudu”:

kinetic kudu

“The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the beta version of Ubuntu 22.10 for Desktop, Server and Cloud. Ubuntu 22.10, codenamed “Kinetic Kudu,” continues Ubuntu's proud tradition of incorporating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution. The team worked hard this cycle, introducing new features and bug fixes.”

Most of the official flavors of Ubuntu have released new beta versions. A notable omission is UbuntuKylin, while a notable addition is Ubuntu Unity:

"Ubuntu Unity is a flavor of Ubuntu that features the Unity 7 desktop environment."

Read it announcement of the new release for more information.

Download the ISO you are interested in:

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