Ubuntu 23.10 codename Mantic Minotaur

Canonical has announced that Ubuntu 23.10, which is expected to be released in October, will be codenamed Mantic Minotaur.

mantic minotaur

It's typical for Ubuntu to use an endangered animal's codename, such as the Pangolin, but as it appears with this release, the company decided to use a completely non-existent creature.

The epithet, Mantic, "relating to divination or prophecy", naturally comes from the Greek word mantis. So we could read the new version as Oracle Minotaur or even more freely Prophetic Minotaur.

The reveal of the codename for Ubuntu 23.10 comes almost a month after the release of the expected development cycle, which states that the beta version will be available on September 21st and the final release is expected on October 12th. The beta will give the public a chance to test the distribution and report any last-minute bugs the developers may have discovered.

As with Ubuntu 23.04 just released, Ubuntu 23.10 will be a non-LTS release and will only be supported for nine months. For those who don't like the changes, it's best to stick with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS until Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is released next April.

But if you want to try out the latest features of the distro, then the upcoming Ubuntu 23.10 could be a good choice for you.

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Ubuntu 23.10, Mantic Minotaur

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