Ubuntu Flatpak Remix the new flavor that only supports Flatpaks

After Canonical announcement ότι οι μελλοντικές εκδόσεις του Ubuntu δεν θα περιλαμβάνουν υποστήριξη Flatpak από προεπιλογή, κάποιος δημιούργησε ήδη ένα ανεπίσημο Ubuntu flavor που διατίθεται με υποστήριξη για εφαρμογές Flatpak προεγκατεστημένες και λειτουργικές. Το νέο flavor ονομάζεται Ubuntu Flatpak Remix.


Ubuntu Flatpak Remix, an unofficial Ubuntu derivative that lacks support for Snap apps but supports Flatpak apps that work out of the box.

Many core applications are preinstalled in Flatpak format rather than Snap format, including the Mozilla Firefox browser, the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, and the latest LibreOffice office suite.

The connection to the Flathub portal is already done, so you will be able to install more apps in a few clicks.

The developer of Ubuntu Flatpak Remix states that the new flavor was not created out of any kind of grudge against Canonical or the Snap package format, but as a solution for Ubuntu fans who dislike Snaps and prefer Flatpaks.

Those interested can download Ubuntu Flatpak Remix from the official website.


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