Ubuntu Unity 22.10 comeback

Rudra Saraswat has announced the release of Ubuntu Unity 22.10, the project's first release as one of the official Ubuntu releases.

Ubuntu Unity brings back the Unity desktop that was used by Ubuntu as the default user interface until 2017. Unity DE (desktop environment) had many critics, but also many fans.

unit 2210

“Ubuntu Unity 22.10 has been released, it is the first stable version of Ubuntu Unity as an official flavor. It brings a new shift from the painting between dark and light subject matter and between colors.”

It also replaces all libadwaita apps with alternatives from MATE. ISOs are much smaller, at 2,8GB. RAM usage is also significantly reduced (about 650 MB when the system is idle).

You can now install Ubuntu Unity on an existing Ubuntu installation by removing gnome-shell and other GNOME applications. Then you can install the ubuntu-unity-desktop package (all Ubuntu Unity packages are now in the official Ubuntu archive and no longer in PPA).

Developers are gearing up to add new features to Unity7, such as support for different refresh rates in the unity-settings-daemon, and even replacing old components and apps and hints with ayatana-* packages. They are also preparing to add extension support to the Unity shell.

Read more at official announcement of the new release.


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