UCF: Battery charges in seconds and lasts for weeks

Scientists at the University of Central Florida (University of Central Florida or UCF) have developed a prototype battery-superconductor that lasts 20 times longer than a conventional lithium-ion battery. The original loads within a few seconds.

"If you replace your batteries with these supercapacitors, you can charge your cell phone in seconds and not have to charge it for more than a week," said Nitin Choudhary.UCF supercapacitor

The great thing is that the UCF battery does not lose its lifetime with time. After about 18 months, a typical lithium-ion battery slowly begins a process of degradation, where each charge cycle results in fractionally smaller amounts in total capacity. The original can maintain the same charge levels and still works as new, even when it has been recharged 30.000 times.

Supercapacitors of the new battery charge quickly due to the way they store energy: statically, on the surface of the material. Simple batteries, on the other hand, rely on chemical reactions to store energy. Using graphene, the researchers created a large surface that can hold more electrons by increasing the life of a battery.

It is still too early, but research is quite promising.

If successful, the research of superconductors could give us batteries that last for weeks on portable devices, electric vehicles, or wherever it takes a storage capacity of electricity from alternative energy sources.

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