Ukrainians hackers took responsibility for NATO's downtime 3 websites

to Reuters. Ukrainians hackers of a group called Cyber ​​Berkut took responsibility for the downtime of three NATO websites.

The,, websites stopped working after distributed DDOS attacks.

Illustration file shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in Warsaw
Photo: Reuters

According to the hackers, the attack started on Saturday. Representatives of NATO admitted that several of the sites were the target "large DDOS attacks" but the data and the systems were not affected by the attacks.
The attacks kept 24 hours approximately.
With a statement posted on in Russian, hackers claim to have attacked because they do not want NATO to intervene in Ukraine.

After the cessation of the attack, the activists have ironically noted that if NATO can not protect its systems, it is unlikely that it can also secure European citizens.

Berkut, in Ukrainian means "golden eagle" and is the name of the special police force that was responsible for the handling of anti-government demonstrations that occurred recently in Ukraine.

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The Cyber ​​Berkut group appears to be related in some way to Anonymous of Ukraine, another group of activists who supports Ukraine's independence from NATO and the West in general.

In November of 2013, Anonymous of Ukraine launched DDOS attacks against the CCDCOE website of NATO. Later, hackers leaked files allegedly stolen from the opposition's computer systems.

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