Ultimate Edition 5.4 Not for me

Ultimate 5.4: Η διανομή Ultimate , κυκλοφόρησε για πρώτη φορά τον Δεκέμβριο του 2006, και είναι μια διακλάδωση του Ubuntu και του Linux Mint.

The goal of the project is a complete, perfectly integrated, visually stimulating and easy to install operating system.

One-button upgrade is one of the many special features of this distro. Other key features include a customized desktop and with 3D, support for a wide range of networking options, including WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as the integration of many additional applications and package repositories.Ultimate Edition 5.4

Although I am not a friend of Ubuntu, I decided to try Ultimate Edition in the 5.4 version, which is the latest version.
I downloaded it ultimate-edition-5.4-x64-lite.iso and I tried to flash it to a USB with some app with .

I used Unetbootin, without effect, but also the application developed by openSUSE and never disappointed me before.

Failure. Unetbootin failed to create a bootable USB and the openSUSE imagewriter did not even want to try.

I did not put it down, and I had no mood to burn DVD for a test facility.

I tried with terminal and the known command dd. ISO went to USB but I still could not do the boot.

Although I had decided I would not go into the process of burning DVDs, the above attempts made me mad.

Next move? K3B:

Ultimate Edition 5.4To report on the story, the system I use for all of the above is a CentOS in the latest version. The most reliable I've ever met on Linux.

Eventually I managed to start the operating system live, but I noticed it was too slow. I have tried other distributions (like openSUSE) from DVD but I have not encountered such a delay at all.

After much patience and stubbornness, I managed to see the functional desktop and was exactly what I am trying to avoid:

A modified Mate version, with tons of effects. Unfortunately this particular desktop disappointed me as I prefer simple things. The more effects and the more the slower the operating system.

And Ultimate Edition 5.4 is full of apps. In the following you can see how many apps there are for audio and video:

Sincerely so many applications that look like bloatware. As far as management apps are concerned, distribution has a classic Mate management panel, Ubuntu software update and Synaptic for installing a new operating system. Ultimate Edition 5.4

Ultimate Edition 5.4

As you can see, I was not excited about the experience I had with 5.4 Ultimate Edition. I found quite annoying things or to make it more elegant, functions I avoid.

I wasted a lot of time trying to run Ultimate Linux, and when I loaded it I was disappointed with what I saw. Such a system is definitely not suitable for older computers, as in addition to the memory issues they will face there will also be several inefficiencies in the graphics.

Many things did not work. Applications failed to load or caused system lock. ISO was not loaded correctly or was not loaded at all.

Ultimate Edition 5.4 has failed to run well on hardware running CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE, Debian, and Manjaro.

Ultimate Edition is targeted at new Linux users, and will surely impress them with the graphics and the multitude of applications it has.

The distribution reminded me, however, that many times the look is more important than it is: for example, this distribution has nice gadgets on the desktop to monitor system resources.

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