Ultra-thin photovoltaics that can be wrapped around a pencil

Scientists have shown ultra-thin photovoltaic cells, so flexible that they can bend and wrap around small objects like a pencil.

solar-cell photovoltaics

The photovoltaics these could be placed due to their flexibility in fabrics, glasses and to supply electricity to various electronic items, such as trackers, medical devices, smart glasses, etc.

According to Kon Jongho Lee, engineer at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea, their thickness is about 1 micrometer, much thinner than the thickness of a medium human hair.

The researchers made these ultra-thin solar cells from gallium arsenic semiconductors. The cells are imprinted on a flexible substrate without the use of adhesive.

The energy efficiency of the new photovoltaic is similar to that of a much thicker photovoltaic. The photovoltaic film can be rolled around a thickness of just 1,2 millimeters, as the photo at the beginning of this article.

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