Unicef ​​seeks gamers for cryptocurrency mining for Syrian children

The Unicef ​​(United Nations Children's Fund), or the United Nations Children's Fund, is asking for the help of gamers everywhere to help children in Syria.

The Syrian civil war has been raging for almost seven years and has killed tens of millions of people. Violent conflict survivors, especially children, either remained displaced and helpless in their country or fled to become refugees. With the country's basic services collapsed, the survivors need the support of the international community simply to survive.

The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) believes that gamers around the world can help by collecting digital coins.

On February 2, the head of the humanitarian aid program launched the Game Chaingers -a fundraising initiative that aims to use blockchain technology to raise money for Syrian children. The design is simple. UNICEF invites gamers to connect their graphics cards to the blockchain to start mining by picking up Ethereum, for charity.

To create new digital currencies through the process known as "mining", users dedicate their computers to doing complex math in order to trade their service for a cryptocurrency. The powerful graphics cards that players use to run the latest games satisfactorily are well suited to perform these tasks.

The Game Chaingers initiative is the result partnership between UNICEF and the French Advertising Agency BETC.

Players who want to participate should go to his website Game Chaingers, install the Claymore mining program, and let their graphics card do the work. Their machines will contribute to the existing one Ethermine mining, and payments will be made to UNICEF. Like any good video game, Game Chaingers will keep track of player statistics. According to UNICEF, so far 513 miners have increased the amount over € 1.400, and users named "ANTONYMOUS" are at the top of the charts having done the most work.

Users of course can also make direct donations to Unicef ​​in cash or cryptocurrency, instead of spending electricity on cryptocurrency production. Game Chaingers is part of a broader trend of charities and nonprofits using blockchain technology to help people.

Watch the video below:

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