United pilot suffered a heart attack and died during the flight

And if he sit for you?

A United plane flying from Houston, Texas to Seattle, made an emergency landing in Boise, Idaho, because the pilot of the boat suffered a heart attack during the flight… ..

The crew involved requested assistance from the control tower and the passengers of the flight. They asked for the intercom if there were any doctors on board.

The following call for help was heard on the radio: "We are currently doing chest compressions on the pilot. I'm not sure what his condition is […] Can you have an ambulance and maybe some inflatable stairs on the runway? ».

Boeing 737 landed safely with 161 passengers and six crew members on the plane, reports  ABC News. The spokesman for the Saint Alphonsus hospital, where the patient was relocated, confirmed in ABC News that the pilot died.

United did not comment on the pilot's situation. "We are saddened by the confirmation that an employee of our company passed away last night. "Our thoughts are with his family right now," said a United spokesman on Friday morning.  

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The news is considered quite strange, given that the pilots of such a large airline go through an annual checkup. Certainly, however, the aviation accident agency should fully investigate the matter.

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