The United States is delivering the reign of domain management to ICANN

The US Department of Commerce announced on 14 March 2014 its decision to deliver 2015 Internet Governance to the governments of the UN member states, a request made before 11 at least for years. OR International Names and Numbers Management Committee applauded the decision and said the technical community is mature to take the lead. At the moment, nothing will change in the management of the Internet.

The issue that has been discussed for years at international conferences on the Internet - especially when it was conducted in countries that have even been characterized "Enemies of the Internet", such as Tunisia, 2013 - was the notorious "governance" of the Internet or, rather, the removal of the United States' power over computers that support the Internet and its performance in the hands of a committee of governments of UN member states. The management of the names and numbers association system, the maintenance of the address register and other powers remained from 1998 at the hands of the non-profit ICANN Committee - which was part of the US Department of Commerce - which many governments opposed by the United Nations . These countries called for the setting up of an independent committee bringing together governments under the auspices of the UN. The role of ICANN is considered to be purely technical and the assignment of this role to an American company is explained historically (there was an internet precursor, ARPAnet ). However, many governments and users felt that this should change now, in order to avoid extreme phenomena such as cutting a whole country from the Internet from confusion in the system of naming names and numbers (for example by blocking addresses with its national suffix or removing its "name" from the list so that it could not be traced, that is, it could actually "fly it out"). However, the United States has not done so, nor did it threaten to do so. It may seem that ending up on the Internet seems to be useless weapons for policy. 2003, ICANN, had gone back to a controversial issue, which testified to the contrary. The committee then decided not to enter the .xxx endings for pornographic sites after protests inside the US but also after the reaction by the then Bush administration. The incident affected ICANN's image as an independent one and reminded all observers that ICANN is an American company.

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