Universal Media Server Stream from your PC

Universal Media Server is a free DLNA, UPnP and HTTP / S multimedia server.
It supports almost all major operating systems, as it is available in versions for Windows, Linux and macOS.
web interface
The program streams or encodes many different media formats with little or no settings.

It uses FFmpeg, MediaInfo, OpenSubtitles, Crowdin, MEncoder, tsMuxeR, AviSynth, VLC and others, which it combines to support a wide range of multimedia formats.

In a nutshell:

Universal Media Server allows you to turn your PC into a Media Server, through which you can listen to music or watch movies or photos from another computer, TV, smartphone, or tablet has access to your local network and has browser.

Just run the application on the computer that contains the files, and give the path to the folder you are interested in.

Then, from another computer, tablet, smartphone, or TV (smartTV or TVbox) open your favorite browser to the internal address provided by the Universal Media Server application.

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Download the application

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