Unknown (OS) 2 Linux for browsing Darknet and not only

The Unknown Linux operating system (OS) offers a new BOX Isolate security. The new operating system is intended for greater protection in the Darknet - Deepweb, isolating everything in a more secure and unrecognizable kernel.

The system has a changing structure at every boot, avoiding any forensic analysis, and is designed with a very different and advanced security standard.

The system is designed to navigate without being detected or registered by any search engine or online platform, refusing any response.

With one click you can immediately hide your activity, but also safely delete with different things. Yes this is a very effective anti-forence distribution.

The distribution offers:

Protection - OSINT Intelligence ¬ Attack Life Cycle Tor ¬ Network Against Attack ¬ Request Tracker Tor ¬ Domain Flux Detection Method Tor ¬ NIT 2.0 ¬ DNS Tor Attacks

The distribution is said to be used only by USB. According to the project developer, the installation in Virtualbox is not supported.

How to use Unknow_ (OS)
1.- Select your network, and click on stealth

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Unknown (OS) Features:

UnknownDownload distribution:



Mention that we have not tried the distribution, so we recommend it unreservedly. It would be good if someone tests the ISO, to write us a few words in the comments of this post.



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