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Social media began to exist as a way to stay in touch with our friends and share pleasant memories. However, Kaspersky Lab's recent research results show that social media now make many people feel bad. The likes' hunt plays a central role in it, with the majority of people feeling bad or feeling upset when they do not collect as much as they like for their publication, and with 42% stating that they feel jealous when their friends gather more likes. In addition, research shows that people feel jealous when they see their friends' seemingly happier lives in social media.

In a survey involving 16.750 people from around the world, Kaspersky Lab has identified feelings of frustration with social media. People often experience negative emotions when they have spent time dealing with social media due to various events, which indirectly neutralizes their positive results.social

Social network users visit social media for positive reasons and feel good. Most people (65%) use social networks to stay in touch with friends and colleagues and see fun and funny posts (60%). People also devote a significant amount of time to creating digital profiles and feed it with all sorts of positive moments, noting the things that make them smile (61%), and informing their networks about the wonderful moments they spend duration of holidays and holidays (43%).

While it is no surprise that 72% of people are bothered by advertisements that have become extremely intrusive and interrupt their online communications, the underlying reasons for their disappointment are far deeper. Despite the desire to feel good about their interactions in social media, when people see their friends' happy holidays about holidays, hobbies and parties, they often have the bitter feeling that other people enjoy life more than themselves . For example, 59% felt unhappy when he saw his friend posts from a party he had not been invited to, while 45% revealed that his friends' happy photos from their holidays had a negative impact on him. In addition, 37% has also admitted that revisiting his old, happy publications may give him the feeling that his past was better than his current life.

Previous research has also shown people's frustration with social media, as 78% has admitted that it has considered withdrawing completely from social networks. The only thing that makes people stay on social media is the fear of losing their digital memories, such as photos and contacts with their friends. As keeping in touch with friends can be a difficult problem to solve, Kaspersky Lab is working hard to create a comprehensive solution that helps people store their digital memories.

"Our relationship with social media has evolved into a vicious circle. We want to enter our favorite social platforms to share with all our contacts the positive things we do and make us feel good, "commented Evgeny Chereshnev, head of Kaspersky Lab's Social Media. "But the reality is that everyone does the same thing, so when we connect to social media, we are bombarded with pictures and publications of our friends who have fun. And it looks as if they enjoy life more than us. It is easy to understand why this leaves people feeling sad and why so many people have thought of giving up social media altogether. The difficulty is that people feel trapped because so many of their precious memories are stored in social media and do not want to lose access to them. "

To help people decide more freely if they want to stay in or out of social media without losing their digital memories, Kaspersky Lab is developing a new application, FFForget, which allows users to back up all of their memories from the social networks they use and keep them in a secure, encrypted "warehouse". This will make users free to leave any network whenever they wish, without losing everything they own, iladi their digital lives.

FFForget release is scheduled for 2017.

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