Update Android Wear overtaking Apple Watch

Google has just released an update of its operating system for SmartWatch, Android Wear. The update came just days before Apple launched the highly anticipated Apple Watch. Random?

The update brings new features such as hands-free, always-on, WiFi support (!) And an emoji manager. New additions will help Android Wear devices such as LG Watch Urbane and Moto 360 compete with Apple Watch.A

For example, WiFi support allows users to leave their phone at home when they go somewhere, and will continue to receive notifications, send messages using Android Wear smartwatch apps - as long as they are connected to WiFi.

Unlike Apple Watch, which can only connect to an iPhone via Wi-Fi, although both devices are on the same network, devices with Android Wear will be able to work together, even if they are in different networks.

Meanwhile, the new feature of Android Wear, hands-free makes navigation easier, allowing users with a slight shake of their wrist to go to the "next tab" of the stream, or inward to go to "Previous tab".

Like the "digital crown" of the Apple Watch, this feature is designed to address the problem of scrolling information on a tiny screen, where the fingers are often very clumsy.

The always-on app feature helps the user make certain apps - such as maps or shopping lists - remain visible on the SmartWatch screen in a low power mode.alwayson_500

In a direct assault on Apple Watch, which requires the user to move his wrist to see the time, Google said that the Android Wear watches they do not require "tapping, twisting or some movement" to see what time it is.

Finally, updating Android lets users quickly reply to a friend message by painting an emoji on the clock screen. Google will recognize the emoji that fits and will send it.quick2_emoji_reply_blog

This means that users will no longer need to use voice commands, which may be inappropriate in public places or meetings.

LG Watch Urbane will be the first watch to get the update of Android Wear, but an over-the-air update will be released for all other Android Wear very soon, according to Google.

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