Upscale: Increase the size of a photo without losing quality

Upscale by Sticker Mule is a free online tool for enhancing image resolution using AI.


Upscale does not require special knowledge and installation of programming language, such as Cupscale which we presented earlier. It is very easy to use and it also uses artificial intelligence technologies to magnify the image resolution by 2 times its original size.

In this way, the final image has 4 times more pixels compared to the original. This has a huge advantage over traditional methods of increasing the size of the image, which simply changes the dimensions but the pixels start to appear.

The tool has no size limit. You can upload an image of any size and dimensions and enlarge it in double dimensions, without losing quality.

Upscale is available on the official Sticker Mule website. To use it, you will need to create an account. You can create a free account using your email address or sign in using your Google Account. Once logged in, you can use the tool to select your images.

Just click the "Upload a image" button on the screen and select the image you want to enlarge. Once the image is uploaded, the web service needs a few seconds to edit and enlarge it. It then gives you confirmation of the function and shows you the final image, with a download button below it.

Along with the download, you also receive a button to copy the link of the final image, which you can use to share it online. This instant link sharing feature is useful if you are not interested in downloading but only sharing it with others.

The Sticker Mule website also offers various poster options for the resulting image. The posters are obviously paid, but if you want to print you can explore these poster options.

You can try the free Upscale here.

In conclusion
Unscale is a free, easy-to-use Sticker Mule tool that magnifies an image by increasing its size to twice its original size. Uses AI to create extra pixels to maintain the sharpness of the image despite the dimensions. So if you have a good photo with poor resolution, this is a great tool to upgrade this image by showing the details. Its use does not require any technical knowledge.

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