URL Blocker block websites on your computer

URL Blocker is a tool that helps in the safe use of the Internet. It can be used to block specific internet addresses (URLs) to users and browsers on a particular computer.

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The application administrator can modify, export, and import URLs that he wishes to block.

With the URL Blocker application, the Internet connection to any computer on your local network can be restricted independently, at the URL level, without advanced firewall settings, or special network knowledge.

After setting up the program correctly, you can do the following:

On computers used in your work, you can block certain websites that are frequently visited during work (see Facebook, YouTube, etc.) so that your employees do not waste time.

Access to a web site may be restricted to some computers on the local network. This way you can prevent your co-workers at work or family members from loading and using a project in an undesirable way. This limitation can prevent huge losses.

Of course you can always exclude websites that are not secure.
On a family computer, you can restrict access to websites that may have an adverse effect on your children's development.

URL Blocker app works on all supported Microsoft Win7/8/10/11 operating systems, requires no installation, and is free.

Download the app:

Date: 2023, 01-28 | Download

MD5: 6fad157ab567d08270ed727a6dd50479

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URL Blocker, block websites

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