Twitter and YouTube by the US Administration were violated by ISIS

While Obama submitted comments to the FTC and is preparing new cyber security laws, Twitter and YouTube's accounts Central Administration of the United States [United States Central Command] were hacked by a group of hackers known as "CyberCaliphate", who claim to be linked to ISIS.

"OR ISIS "It's already here, we're on your computers, at every military base," the hackers said in a tweet. A U.S. official confirmed the violation, according to NBC News .

On the United States Central Website YouTube (CENTCOM) site, hackers have released a propaganda video to support ISS.

In the Twitter messages, the hackers who support ISIS suggest that they have penetrated deeper into the networks of the Central Administration of the United States after they included images depicting spreadsheets with the names and addresses of the members of the US Army.

An anonymous user at Pastebin wrote the following:

The Pentagon's networks are hacked
WE GO TO YOUR SOON. ISIS. #CyberCaliphate

In the name of Allah, the most merciful of the most gullible, CyberCaliphate under the auspices of ISIS continues CyberJihad (cyber-jihad). While the US and its satellites are killing our brothers in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, we have broken their networks and their personal devices to know everything.

You will not see any mercy unbelievers. ISIS is already here, we are on your computers, on every military basis. With the permission of Allah we are at CENTCOM now.
We will not stop! We know everything about you, your spouses and your children.
US soldiers! We are watching you!

Then there is a link to a .zip file called "US Army Files," which includes lists of names, addresses, and contact details for army officers as well as budget documents from the previous year .

Although this is a major violation, none of the information that came out in the air seems to be terribly sensitive. A Pentagon official told the Wall Street Journal that none of the published data was top secret. Some of these are readily available on public websites.

The United States has said it will "take appropriate action to address this issue."

At the moment we write the article CENTCOM accounts at Twiiter and the Youtube both have been suspended.


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