The US Government is shaping the IoT regulations

Uncle Sam prepares for it Internet of Things or IoT. The US government is working on a "green book" or "green paper." It is a study that can be considered as the first official recording of an Internet of Things (IoT) policy framework.IoT

Entitled "The Benefits, Challenges, and Possible Roles of Government in Promoting Internet of Things," orThe Benefits, Challenges, and Potential Roles for the Government in Fostering the Advancement of the Internet of Things, ”(PDF) The paper examines the "potential benefits and challenges" of the IoT.

The department that will deal with the study will be the same one that oversees the laws of the internet, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), which is part of the Ministry of Commerce.

But what are the "key issues" for the development of the Internet of Things? For the "potential benefits and challenges" of IoT, we can think of some. But what are the possible roles of the federal government in IoT technologies?

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While the official announcement notes that there is not yet a commonly accepted definition of what the "Internet of Things" is all about, and they argue that the number of connected devices will increase along with a dramatic increase in economic impacts.

The IoT is going to have a very broad impact on society as a whole and government agencies are starting to look for aspects of its impact. The goal of the Green Paper is probably to further understand the forthcoming changes, which will give the US Government a fundamental starting point on how to deal with the networks of the future.

The announcement provides 28 questions (addressed to each interested person) from which NTIA hopes to formulate this policy.

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