USB C: new technology for greater security

As more and more devices use USB-C to charge and transfer data, there is a need for improved technology. The USB Implementers Forum announced (PDF) changes to USB C authentication for more security.

This new security feature will allow devices to verify that USB-C connections are legal, both for charging and for data transfers.USB-C

With the upcoming technology, the device will immediately verify that a USB-C connection is indeed legal, and will prevent or allow the connection accordingly.

For example, suppose you want to charge your device to a public charger. At the moment the risks are great. No one can know if the public charger has been "tampered with" and your data is compromised.
However, with USB C authentication, the connected device could verify that the charging source is secure and block access to your data if it is not.

Features of the upcoming USB-C:

A standard protocol for certifying chargers, devices, cables and power sources USB Type-C
Support for authentication via either USB data channel or USB Power Delivery communication channels
Products using the authentication protocol have control over the security policies that need to be implemented and applied
Depending on 128-bit security for all encrypted methods
The specifications report existing internationally accepted cryptographic methods for certificate format, digital signing, hash and random number generation

Naturally, device manufacturers and operating system developers should include support for the new USB-C authentication.

Let us hope that most developers / developers will recognize the value of technology and incorporate it into their devices or their operating system.


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