USB Kill 2.0: destroys every computer

A από το Hong Kong πουλάει ένα USB που ονομάζεται USB Kill 2.0. Όπως ίσως καταλάβατε από το όνομά του δεν είναι ένα κανονικό USB. Η συσκευή μπορεί να κάψει οποιονδήποτε υπολογιστή που συνδέεται, με ένα κύμα ηλεκτρικής ενέργειας μέσω της θύρας USB.

Last year, a device called USB Killer and developed by a Russian hacker named Dark Purple made waves online due to its ability to destroy any computer the hacker wanted.

Now a Hong Kong company has made a similar product called USB Kill 2.0, and it costs 49.95 dollars.

The company claims to have developed the product for the sole purpose of allowing businesses to check if their devices are vulnerable to USB power attacks.

The device also comes with a protection shield sold for 13.95 dollars and allows users to test their devices without destroying them.

Removing this protective shield essentially arms the device, which is then able to "burn" any device it connects to.

The company released USB Kill 2.0 on August 16, but the first batch is already running out.

According to company testing, 95 percent of all available computers in today's market are vulnerable to power attacks through the USB port.

The only devices that are not vulnerable to USB Kill attacks are recent Macbook models that isolate the data coming from USB ports.

After the above attention to every device that you connect to your computer ... especially USB drives.

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