USB Doors Do Not Work? Fix the problem

Below we will see how you can fix them doors USBs that do not work on Windows 10/8/7. They do not work, although there are USB devices connected to your computer.

USB portable devices facilitate fast data transfer. On your computer, the connectors that connect these USB devices are also known as USB ports.USB

If these USB ports do not work, content cannot be loaded from the connected USB. To avoid this kind of problem, computer manufacturers usually have 2 or 3 USB ports, so if one port works, use another.

Well, if you have problems with some or all of the USB ports on your system, try the following.

USB ports: Do not work? General suggestions

1. Once the problem is detected, restart the machine to see if the function is restored.

2. Run Hardware and Devices Troubleshooting.

3. If a USB does not open on any of the ports you have, test the USB on another machine. The USB itself may not work and not your computer ports.

4. Make sure you have the latest Windows updates installed.

Change power management settings

1. Press the two keys together  W8K + R and type devmgmt.msc in the RUN box that will open. Press the Enter key to open the Device Manager application.

2. In the Device Manager window, open the Universal Serial Bus controllers and right-click on the faulty USB device / port. Select Properties.

3. In the properties, look at the Power Management tab. Uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Click the OK button.

Close Device Manager and check if your ports are working.

Disable quick start

In Windows 10, Quick Start is enabled by default. So on some machines, due to the fast startup, Windows may not load the USBs that are connected to the computer ports. Therefore, you should temporarily disable the quick start to see if this helps.

1. Right-click the battery icon in the taskbar, select Operation Options.

2. Then, in the "Power Options" window, right-click on "Choose the action you will take when you close the lid."

3. On the next screen, click Change settings that are not currently available.

4. Look down in the same window and clear the Enable Quick Launch option (recommended).


Click Save Changes and close the window.

Restart your computer to check if the ports are working.

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Hope dies last

If the ports still do not work, then there may be a hardware problem. Visit your neighborhood electronics to find out why your ports are not working.


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