Meet the USBKill tool

USBKill is a tool that, when it detects activity on any USB port, locks everything and starts the process of shutting down the computer. It is usually intended for people who encrypt data on their computer but is also suitable for anyone who is obsessed with security.

Αν κάποιος εισαγάγει ή αφαιρέσει μια USB από το σύστημα, το εργαλείο τερματίζει τη δραστηριότητα του συστήματος, αναγκάζοντας ταυτόχρονα την κρυπτογράφηση των δεδομένων.

The USBKill is written in Python language, and as its developer says, it can save you by preventing a thief from accessing your information. It could also be used to protect server data that you rent, preventing the physical server owner from seeing and copying your data in a snap.

USBKill can also be a simple solution for hackers in case they receive a sudden visit from the police and do not even have time to close the lid of their Laptop. The most likely scenario is "police using a 'Jiggler mouse' to prevent a screen saver or screen sleep mode," says h3phaestos, creator of USBKill, in his tool description.

Another (perhaps paranoid) scenario imagined by the manufacturer is to connect a USB stick or clip attached to a wick with your wrist. If someone tries to steal the laptop, the device automatically shuts down and the data is protected.

The project only incorporates this basic function at this time, but h3phaestos plans to add more commands to allow the user to customize the actions that will take place after an activity is detected in USB.

Although only cyber criminals seem to match the profile of a USBKill user, the project provides benefits in abusive situations, where the authorities rely on their power to drive someone's computer without any reason.

For activists and journalists, especially those in countries where freedom is not a right for everyone, it could be an additional tool to conceal information about their sources,

Εάν επίσης δεν μπορείτε να αποφύγετε να δώσετε το κωδικό που επαναενεργοποιεί το σύστημα σας, θα μπορούσατε ίσως να επιλέξετε μια λύση που θα αφαιρεί τα ενοχοποιητικά ίχνη και θα επαναφέρει το σύστημά σας, κατά την επανεκ, σε μια καθαρή κατάσταση. Αυτό μπορεί να επιτευχθεί εύκολα εάν η εργασία γίνεται σε μια εικονική μηχανή που θα ανανεωθεί σε μία προηγούμενη ασφαλή έκδοση όταν γίνει επανεκκίνηση.

You can download it USBKill from here The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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