Prohibited for uTorrent malware by Google and anti-virus

UTorrent is the most popular torrent app. Quite a long time ago, we notice that the popular app uses its name to earn money from ads, in-app and accompanying software offered during installation.utorrent

Of course there are many who disagree with the software decision to treasure using dubious quality in-app ads and software. Lastly, uTorrent seems to be found to be "harmful" by several security companies.

As TorrentFreak reports, uTorrent is currently blacklisting at least six anti-virus software vendors such as Symantec and ESET.

They scan the uTorrent.exe that they contain Trojan.Win32.Generic! BT, as well as the OpenCandy both referred to as "dangerous software."

There is no indication that the uTorrent application itself is malicious, and it appears that malware warnings are triggered by third-party software that accompanies the popular application.

But uTorrent has other problems to deal with, and Google is reportedly blocking the app. The search company is blocking several pages containing uTorrent or other application developer software, stating that these pages "lead to malware without user consent."

Google's Chrome browser also notes uTorrent as potentially harmful, and prevents users from downloading it.



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