uTorrent Web over 1 million users a day

BitTorrent today announced that its latest creation, the uTorrent Web, has surpassed 1 by millions of daily active users.
uTorrent Web
The uTorrent Web has been available as a beta for years, but the web-based torrent client eventually released as a stable release exactly a month ago, at 4 September.
So we can not say that it took a month to reach the milestone of one million users. However, the uTorrent Web appears to have been adopted fairly quickly from the late stages of the beta to the stable version.

BitTorrent is the peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing protocol that is very commonly used for online piracy. But there is also a company with the name BitTorrent, which has two most popular applications: BitTorrent and uTorrent (also known as μTorrent).

The main difference between uTorrent Web and applications is that all downloads are made by the browser. Like uTorrent, uTorrent Web can play audio and video files before streaming download ends. However, unlike uTorrent, a movie or audio file is played through the browser. Of course you can upload and download other types of files just like with a regular torrent application.

Let's say the classic uTorrent seems to outweigh the Web for many different reasons. UTorrent Web brings many embarrassing alerts to the browser for example, but it also adds to your browsing application with additional processes.


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