uTorrent Web download and streaming directly from your browser

BitTorrent Inc. released the new uTorrent Web, a software that allows users to download and streaming torrents directly from their default web browser. In the long run, this web version is expected to compete with today's classic application.uTorrent Web

The BitTorrent Inc. development team has allegedly expanded uTorrent by creating a very ambitious project: the uTorrent Web.

The app can run from Chrome or Firefox in a fairly simple way. After installing the client, which is Windows-only, torrent and magnet connections automatically open from the uTorrent Web in a browser window.

Users can use regular torrent sites to find torrents or use the app's search box, which redirects to Google.

As with most modern video players, the web application supports subtitles, audio and video, with a choice of a specific file, if a torrent contains more than one media file.

The web application can download any file (games, software), but obviously will not transmit them in streaming.

The released beta version has several basic preference settings and lets you change your download location or download speed. Most likely, more options will come with the release of the final version.

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