UWP Windows allow hackers to empty you hard

Microsoft reports that applications published in the Microsoft Store (UWP from the Universal Windows Platform) are the safest solution as they are protected against any malicious software targeting Win32 software.UWP

One of the reasons why UWP apps are recommended is that they run on a sandbox, which means that malware is theoretically impossible to get to your data because sandbox blocks access to other files.

From a technical point of view, Microsoft allows Sandbox UWP applications to access the other files stored on the hard disk with the broadFileSystemAccess API.

This is required by some UWP applications that need to store files on system drives, and load documents or other functions with data on the computer. However, the API displays a warning whenever applications require access to files. So users can block applications that they believe may contain malware.

But let's see what the problem is. This warning can be blocked and does not appear, such as he revealed Windows Sebastien Lachance developer. In an error analysis, the developer explains that the warning could be bypassed by hackers, which allows them to access the data on your computer without you knowing it.

Microsoft has recognized the error and it seems that it fixed it on a non-working Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809).

So, although there is a solution ready, no one can use it for the time being, until the company officially releases (again) Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

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