Are VAIO smartphones coming?

Following its lead in the world of luxury laptops as a brand created by Sony, VAIO is expected to be on smartphones.


Sources from Japan report that the independent now V is going to enter a battle with Sony in the field of smartphones in 2015. For this reason VAIO is in cooperation with the telecommunications service provider Japan Communications, in order to offer its devices through its network. It is worth noting that Sony has given most of its stake to VAIO and now maintains a 5% stake in the company.

VAIO has not announced an exact date for when it will present its new devices, but it is possible that the first VAIO smartphone will make its official appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas in early January. The rumors mentioned by Slashgear speak for at least one smartphone in the VAIO range, with a screen that will have a 5-inch diagonal on its screen, while for the operating system it will use a version of Google's Android.

It is interesting to see the design requirements that will follow the upcoming VAIO smartphones, since in this area the homonymous laptops also emphasized.


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